Monday, October 7, 2013

iOS App of the Week: Infinity Blade

Originally Published: February 18, 2013
I haven’t written on the Technoholic blog in a while, so seeing about this app today made me decide to finally post something.
To me, one of the best things about new technology like all the smartphones and tablets is the apps. Today on my iPhone 5, I noticed that Apple’s “App of the Week” is Infinity Blade, a sword fighting action game from Epic Games.
Free this week, this game is exclusive to iOS devices and runs best if you have a newer device, which I think shouldn’t be a problem for most people now-a-days.
The game originally came out in December 2010, so if you don’t own it already, that’s beyond me why you don’t. The game was the first iOS game to run on the Unreal Engine 3 and much like the gameplay, the graphics are amazing. It was also the fastest-grossing app in iOS history, selling $1.6 million in four days.
Just to give you a bit more information,  in the game you fight a series of one-on-one battles as your character journeys through a castle in a fantasy world in order to fight the God King. These battles have you swiping on the screen to attack and parry, and dodge and block enemy attacks. You also get to upgrade your character’s armor and weapons along the way.
Infinity Blade does an amazing job taking advantage of the iPhone and iPad’s high-resolution Retina Display and fast processors. It’s definitely worth purchasing even when at full-price, $5.99. Don’t forget that Infinity Blade II is also out, which is $6.99 on the App Store.
If you’ve never played either and are looking for a game that you can get lost in and to witness the true power of your iOS device, download Infinity Blade for “FREE” this week while you still can.

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